#2 Interviewing Need Not Be Stressful

Posted Aug 9 2016, 2:58 pm


Almost everyone looking for a job feels so stressed out in their job search and the interviewing process. I’ve heard so many times and from so many job seekers…

  • “No one will hire me because of my age.”
  • “I’ve been unemployed for over a year. I’m ready to give up.”
  • “There are so many people applying. I don’t have a chance.”
  • “This will be my first job. I have no working experience.”
  • “I’ll be so nervous. I won’t interview well.”
  • “I don’t have a college education or I didn’t complete high-school.”

None of the above are valid reasons for being discouraged or giving up and here’s why.

Over time, I have seen many people make the same small mistakes, inadvertently taking themselves out of the running. I have learned that there is a formula and a set of rules for applying and interviewing for a job. If you abide by the rules, you will increase your chances of getting the job you want. It’s not magic.

Getting a job offer is simply a matter of making a good first impression. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. That impression begins the moment the interviewer lays their eyes upon you. Within the first thirty seconds the interviewer, based on your appearance, energy level, firm handshake, eye to eye contact and friendliness forms an opinion of you.

From that point on your challenge, regardless of the position you are applying for, is to convince the interviewer that you possess the desire, work ethic, drive, character, values, relationship building skills, are coachable and a team player. These are the most important traits that every company, regardless of industry, looks for.

Just like a sports team prepares to win their game, if you thoroughly PREPARE for every interview, with your goal of being made a job offer, you will “DAZZLE” your interviewer, ace the interview and get the job you want.

Preparation for your interview includes: Researching the company or business, learning all about them and identifying what the company looks for in an ideal employee. You must know what is appropriate in the way of how to dress and be certain that you are well groomed. Anticipate the questions you may be asked and have your answers prepared. The first question most interviewers ask is, tell me about yourself. Your answer should not be more than two minutes…a two minute summary of who you are and how who you are will contribute to the success of the company. There will come a time after the interviewer is finished with their questions that you will be able to ask questions of your own. Be prepared with good questions that will impress the interviewer.

No matter how desperate you are, you don’t want to take a job or work for a company that isn’t right for you. That never ends well.

A good interviewer will always ask one final question; What else do I need to know about you? If there is anything relevant that hasn’t been brought up during the interview, now is the time to mention this to the interviewer. There are times when a person being interviewed holds back information that they don’t want the interviewer to know. It may be something from your past. If you do decide to discuss this make certain you tell the interviewer what you learned from this experience and how you’ve changed.

Follow-up immediately upon getting home or to your office with a well written thank you note. Express your desire to be a part of their team, the reasons why and your confidence that you will be an asset to their company. Include anything you feel relevant that you forgot to discuss in the interview.

You can do the above as well as anyone. You may lack the confidence now to be able and willing to follow the rules but with the help of an interviewing specialist the confidence and skills will quickly emerge and you WILL get the job you want.

Ken Rubin is the founder of Interviewing To Win. “I’ve always believed that people are far greater than any job they ever get to do.” Through my interview seminars and one on one role playing sessions, I will bring out the very best in my clients.

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