Posted Aug 10 2017, 12:01 am

One day, after school, a young boy got his bat and ball and proceeded to his backyard to hit some flies.

He threw the ball in the air and took a mighty swing. He missed. Not discouraged he tried again and missed. He tried a third time and missed. He tried several more times with the same result. He didn’t come close to hitting the baseball.

After giving it his all with no success of hitting the ball he thought…”boy, do I suck.” But, instantly he had another thought which was…”boy, am I a great pitcher.” He took his bat and ball, walked back to his home feeling really good about himself.

I belong to a networking group and attend several meetings every week. A common topic of conversation is how many of the members of these networking groups are introverts and dislike networking which is a necessity for all of us who are looking for leads and referrals in our business.

For many, admitting or acknowledging that they are an introvert is not easy due to the fact that the word introvert implies a weakness and a flaw in one’s personality just as not being able to hit a baseball implies that one is not athletic.

But, I’ve found that introverts have a strength that many extroverts don’t have and that is they are very good listeners. For me, a person who is a very generous listener and pays attention to every word you’re saying is a testimonial of their character. It shows that they are sincere, unselfish and it’s not about them. I may “suck” at talking but I sure am a great listener.”

Ken Rubin is the founder of Interviewing To Win. “I’ve always believed that people are far greater than any job they ever get to do.” Through my interview seminars and one on one role playing sessions, I will bring out the very best in my clients.

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