“Ken Rubin helped me land my first job. I don’t know what I would have done without his advice.” Raimy R.

“After my session with Ken I was totally prepared for my interview. There were no surprises except how quickly I got the job offer.” Jonathan J. 

“I didn’t think I’d ever need an interview specialist to help me. I thought I could do it on my own. But, without Ken’s help I would never have gotten my job.” Benjamin R.

“I met with Ken twice; once to be coached on improving my interviewing skills and two weeks later to inform him that I received an offer.” Ken S.

“I liked Ken’s integrity and sincerity. Ken emphasized ethical and moral qualities and their benefits to an interviewer’s success.”  Scott L.

“Ken is enthusiastic about helping people gain interviewing skills to land a job. Ken wants people to succeed. Even having one person express positive intention for your success is helpful.”  Doris S.

“I can use Ken’s information in other areas of life, plus share with my grandsons.”  Sharon S.

“Ken is very well spoken and I love how he teaches and is very professional.”  Jackie K.

“Ken’s humor, good information and enthusiasm resulted in a very positive and fast paced presentation.”  L. Murphy

“Ken was very engaging and informative with some new information that was not known to me.”  Sonal S.

“Ken’s seminar finessed and polished up my skills.”  Kimberly D.

“I worked with Mr. Rubin to prepare for college interviews. I was accepted and enrolled at Vanderbilt. My work with Mr. Rubin was instrumental in me performing well and getting noticed among intense competition.” Tim R.

“Ken’s ability to explain is phenomenal and the individuals that ask for his guidance will definitely reap the benefit.” M. Stricker Property Manager

“Ken is a wealth of knowledge that can turn anyone’s interview into a WIN! Ken gives you the tools that will catch a company’s eye and make them say, “We need this person on our team!” Work with Ken and get ready to get your dream job!” Jesse L.