Ken Rubin’s Resume


My entire career has been in retail management with well- known very reputable companies and businesses which I owned. The driving forces behind the career and employment choices I made were; companies that were committed to creating an environment where everyone thrived; Management who believed the key to success in one’s personal and business life was building relationships with team members, customers and community; management who lived and breathed that providing consistent legendary customer service separated them from their competition and encouraged and recognized their team members for doing so; companies that took great pride in being the best at what they do and never lowering their standards; companies who were committed to worthwhile causes and provided opportunities for their team members to volunteer in their communities.


  • Solid managerial and leadership experience
  • Dedication and drive as an energized and hardworking individual
  • Superlative communication and team building skills
  • Extremely goal driven


Interpersonal and teamwork skills:

  • Certified Career and Business Coach
  • Interacted with a wide variety of personalities from prospective employees to company Presidents
  • Recognized for developing and inspiring the most outstanding District Management team in the company
  • Repeatedly recognized for conducting the most creative and motivational management meetings

Customer service and sales skills:

  • Coached District/Store Managers and sales teams to maximize sales and profitability through powerful customer service and selling, the right way, programs
  • Achieved annual sales volume ranking of #3 out of 475 stores
  • Recognized, by the national trade association, as one of the top 100 art/framing businesses in the U.S.
  • Conceived and implemented “$2 Million Stores” program designed to consistently increase sales in highest volume stores.
  • Recruited and hired sales and management who possessed a passion for selling and legendary customer service.
  • Coached and motivated team to consistently exceed their sales goals through relationship building emphasizing honesty, integrity and respect with every customer.

Managerial and supervisory skills

  • Recognized repeatedly for recruiting, hiring and developing the most outstanding sales and management teams in the company
  • Conducted goal setting workshops for all upper and middle management in the Midwest
  • Chaired national Assistant Manager career path committee


  • Interviewing to WIN (current – self-employed – Job Search and Leadership Specialist)
  • Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries (franchise – Owner/Operator)
  • T.J. Maxx (Assistant General Manager)
  • Deck the Walls (franchise – Owner/Operator)
  • Starbucks (District Manager, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh markets)
  • Casual Corner (Regional Manager, Midwest, 8 District Managers, 110 stores)


People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.

Recognize effort. Reward results.

Celebrating small successes will lead to much larger successes.

A person won’t reach their full potential unless they have challenging, but realistic written

goals, action steps, target dates, and are held accountable for their action steps.

People are far greater than any job they ever get to do. A good leader will have the skills

and desire to bring out the very best in their team-members.

Employees should never be accepted for who they are, but for what they are capable of

becoming. A leader’s responsibility is to help them become that.

Always look first for what’s being done right.


New York University, New York City

       Master of Retailing

Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa.

       Bachelor of Arts in Business


Job Search and building self-esteem workshops at the following:

Women’s Homeless Shelter


Ohio Means Jobs

Kentucky Career Center

Independent Living Facilities

Career Fairs throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area

St. Rita School for the Deaf