Posted Apr 25 2017, 10:58 am

Interviewing Help

I’m not an employment/staffing agency, outplacement company, a government job career center or a social service agency that only prepares job seekers with just the basic interviewing and job search skills. The previous mentioned businesses accept their clients for who they are and coach them that way. I treat all of my clients as to what they are capable of becoming and I help them become that. They will be much better prepared to land a job that pleases them and a lot faster.

It’s not about me. I realize that people don’t care what you know until they know that you care. Your employees/clients will realize, from the very beginning, that I have a genuine interest in them. My approach is personal and hands on. I will work with them, tirelessly, until they accept, not just any offer but, the right job offer.

I’ve been in many of their shoes. My seminar will offer relief for their pain.

I guarantee what your employees/clients will learn from my seminar will make them stand out compared to everyone else applying for the same job. They must be able to create the best first and last impression. They’ll only have one chance to do that.

I’ve always believed that people are far greater than any job they ever do. I will bring out the very best in them. The key to success in business and one’s personal life is the ability to build relationships. My seminar will teach them how to do that.

Without a written goal/s that are realistic, target dates, action steps and accountability your employee’s/client’s successful job search will take much longer. They will learn, from my Interviewing to Win seminar the proper way of setting their job search written goal/s.

My seminar will greatly increase the % of your employees/clients who get job offers and get them quickly.

There are larger job search, out-placement companies and social service agencies that have larger staffs but, none of them  can honestly say with sincerity, conviction and pride…”you won’t find it better anywhere else.” I can and I’m much more affordable.

After attending my seminar they will leave with their head held high, much better prepared, more confident and will have renewed hope that a job offer will be coming their way in a very short period of time.

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