The Best Cover Letter Ever Written

Your compelling customized cover letter will result in you getting an interview

EVERY TIME you apply for a job!

The #1 reason, by far, job seekers aren’t successful in getting interviews isn’t because they aren’t qualified or lack the necessary skills. The reason is simply, how poorly written their cover letter is or they have no cover letter.

This is what I’ve learned, that you will not hear from hiring managers, job search help groups, free social service agencies, career coaches or internet advice columns.

Your cover letter is much more important than your resume. Your resume tells what you’ve done. Your cover letter tells who you are.

Companies and businesses, today, are more interested in your character than your skill. Skills can be taught. Good character can’t be taught. Your cover letter should and will emphasize your good character.

I have over 40 years of experience working with job seekers. I’ve been a job seeker myself. I understand, more than anyone, what it takes to stand out and impress the company to which you are applying, resulting in them anxiously wanting to interview you. It isn’t luck. It isn’t your experience. It’s the impression you make in your cover letter.

After reading the compelling cover letter I provide, a recruiter or hiring manager will be thinking…this is the most incredible cover letter I’ve ever received. I need to meet and interview this person. They will be sold on you even before they meet you. I have used this cover letter, throughout my 40 year career, with every company I wanted to work for, and was hired every time.

I am making this cover letter available to you. My competition charges up to $75  for a cover letter, but now, and through the end of the year, you can receive this amazing letter, as part of the package price for only $25. Click here to see our packages that include the most powerful cover letter ever written!


I see so many job seekers using professional help: networking/focus groups, government social service agencies, outplacement, free advice on the internet etc. and not receiving any useful information that will make them stand out compared to their competition. Months go by with very few, if any, interviews and no job offers. Most job seekers get discouraged and are ready to give up.

This frustrates me because, whether or not you’re experienced, a senior citizen, veteran, blue/white collar, entry level, full vs. part-time, high-school/college grad, you have qualities that companies value, but you never get the chance to interview with them because of your poorly written cover letter. THE CUSTOMIZED COVER LETTER I SEND YOU WILL CHANGE THAT!