Private Job Search & Interview Training Session

There is no fee for our first Private/Individual session, which is to explore whether my coaching will meet your needs and goals.

Coaching to bring out the best in you. We will discuss any obstacles or problems you’re experiencing that are making it more difficult for you to find a job.

  • Developing a complete strategic job search plan.
  • Setting goals, action steps, timelines and follow-up.
  • What is an appropriate resume for you?
  • Writing an impressive cover letter.
  • Role playing your interview from the moment you walk into your interview to the initial handshake to the conclusion of the interview.
  • Composing your meaningful thank you note.
  • Proper and timeliness of your follow-up.
  • Leadership principles to be discussed in your interview.

Contact Ken Rubin at (513) 919-4441 or by email to schedule your session.