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The Most Powerful Cover Letter Ever Written: Your cover letter is more important than your resume. Your resume tell what you’ve done. Your cover letter tells who you are. Today, to most companies, your character is more important than your skills. The cover letter I provide you will portray your good character. It is compelling and will stand out.  Click here to learn why your cover letter is the key to getting interviews and good job offers.

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Most job seekers are doing the same thing with disappointing results. The information you’ll learn are initiatives that other job seekers aren’t doing because they’re playing it safe and don’t want to get out of their comfort zone. These initiatives are easy to do and will put you way ahead of other job seekers.

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Your own unique and professional Personal/Business Card Design: It will describe not only who you are, but what you believe in and stand for. Your competition won’t have one. Yours will be one of a kind. I don’t supply the card. I supply the design and text. Vista print or will print these at a very reasonable price.

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