My information-packed, high-energy 2 hour session WILL help you succeed in your job search and  greatly improve your interviewing skills.

You’ll learn:

  • The formula and strategy that will result in multiple job offers.
  •  Your skills vs. your character. Which is more important and why.
  • How to prepare for not just your next job but beyond that.
  • How to turn your weaknesses into strengths.
  • Networking that works.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of how to get interviews.
  • How to overcome your age.
  • Ten reasons a resume is put in the reject pile.
  • Why your cover letter is more important than your resume.
  • How to write a powerful cover letter that will get attention.
  • The importance of and how to build relationships.
  • The #1 mistake most job seekers make.
  • How to design your own unique business card.
  • 16 ways that annoy interviewers.
  • How to answer their first question…Tell me about yourself.
  • 50 questions you may be asked and how to answer them.
  • The best and important questions you should ask.
  • How to write an impressive thank-you note that no one else will write.
  • How to conduct an effective telephone interview.
  • Leadership principles and truths that, if followed, will get you promoted much quicker than your competition.

Male or female, adult or student, “overqualified” or “under-qualified”…when you have the right tools to stand out from the crowd, labels don’t matter: YOU do.

So put these excuses in your past:

  • “I’ve sent so many resumes out, but no one is calling me for an interview.”
  • “I’ve been unemployed for over a year. I’m ready to give up.”
  • “There are so many people applying. I don’t have a chance.”
  • “No one will hire me because of my age.”
  • “This will be my first job. I have no working experience.”
  • “I’ll be so nervous. I won’t interview well.”

Don’t lose the game before you even step on the field! You’re 120 minutes away from the job that can launch your new career… by INTERVIEWING TO WIN.

This will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your job search.

If you’re interested in attending a Interview to WIN training session please contact Ken at or call him at 513-919-4441

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Posted by at May 15, 2018 4:34 pm


The #1 reason job seekers aren’t offered a job isn’t because they lack the skills or qualifications…it’s because how poorly they interview. I want to and can change that.

In the Greater Cincinnati area there over 100,000 unemployed people. Many of them are veterans, blue collar workers whose company has gone out of business or experiencing a major downsizing, people residing in homeless shelters, citizens living in poverty who desire to better themselves and many other people from all walks of life.

Yes, there is an abundance of help, in Cincinnati, for all of these people. However, many of the companies/businesses that offer job search help charge a fee which locks out those who can’t afford it. There are also many state and local government sponsored social service agencies that offer help and their services are free. However, the content and quality of information they offer is very basic and of little help to the job seeker.

I’ve spent two years researching this. I’ve been an observer at their training sessions. I’ve interviewed many job seekers who have used a job search company, a social service agency, a job search networking group, outplacement or a college career center and this is what I’ve heard.

“It was a waste of my time.”

 “They taught me just the basics and it wasn’t enough to make me stand out in my interview.”

“I didn’t learn anything new.”

“When I completed the training my confidence level and self-esteem were as low as when I began.”

WHY aren’t job seekers being given the quality help they need in order to stand out in their interviews?

  • Because they were accepted only for who they are and not what they are capable of becoming.
  • Because they were looked at as a number to fill a quota and not as a person who desperately needs help.
  • Because the people doing the training have never been in their shoes; they’ve never personally experienced the stress, uncertainty, lower self- esteem and embarrassment from losing their job and being unemployed.

I have been in their shoes. I know how they feel and I know how to overcome their challenges and anxieties.

My goal, for the next twelve months is to train 1,000 lower income Greater Cincinnati area job seekers by conducting two hour group job search, interview and leadership training sessions and to do this for FREE!

My focus will be on veterans, residents of shelters, returning citizens (incarcerated people returning to society) and job seekers, in general, who can’t afford to pay for the job search and interview skill training they need.

In order for me to accomplish this I need just one or two companies/businesses or individuals/families to underwrite this worthwhile initiative. I seek compassionate people who have a social conscious and view this as an opportunity to help make life better for 1,000 deserving job seekers who are not receiving the quality help they need to gain employment quickly, at a better starting wage and one that they are excited about.

An additional benefit, is the media exposure, if desired, you will be receiving. I have recently been featured on two Fox morning television shows and have had feature articles in two local newspapers. This type of exposure will continue.

To learn more about what I do and why please visit my website. If you have any interest in being part of this worthwhile cause or know of someone who would be; I’d greatly appreciate you getting in touch with me to discuss the details of my proposal.

I would, very much, welcome the opportunity of personally meeting with you.

Ken Rubin (513) 729-2828 or (513) 919-4441

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